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Tan Xuguang: Accelerate the Construction of Major Projects to Be the Well-deserved "Chain Master" of the Industrial Chain


  At 16:30 pm on April 20, 2022, Tan Xuguang went to the construction site of major projects such as the new Weichai Lovol large-power intelligent tractor factory and Weichai's new million-unit-capacity digitalized base for engines to investigate the progress of the project.

"High-end intelligent agricultural machinery benefits the country and the people!"

  Weichai Lovol's new large-power intelligent tractor factory mainly produces large-scale CVT (continuously variable transmission) intelligent tractors that fill the gap in the Chinese industry. Tan Xuguang said that it is necessary to overcome all difficulties to build the new factory into a "lighthouse factory" in the world's agricultural machinery industry, and become the "chain leader" of Shandong's agricultural machinery equipment industry chain. Leading China’s high-end agricultural machinery equipment to the world's first-class, Weichai will create a smart agriculture model in Shandong to benefit the country and the people.

"Weichai's major projects cannot be delayed for one moment!"

  The first-phase project of Weichai's new million-unit-capacity digitalized base for engines benchmarks against the most advanced technology in the world, adopts intelligent, digital and human-less design to produce a new generation of world-class high-end engines. Tan Xuguang said that this project is a major project for the transformation of new and old growth driver replacement in our province. We must go all out to seize the time delayed by the epidemic, ensure that it is put into use on time, and live up to the expectations of the provincial government.

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