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Tan Xuguang: We Need to Cultivate a Large Number of World-class Senior Engineers


  At 9:00 a.m. on April 12, 2022, Tan Xuguang presided over the Weichai R&D system technological work symposium, listened to the reports of 8 young technological workers on the latest research achievements, and shared examples in Weichai's technological innovation path with more than 80 PhDs.

Zeng Pin

  Tan Xuguang said emotionally, Dr. Zeng Pin from Weichai America is someone I recruited in May 2014. I respect him very much. Much like me, he is also around 60. In the past three years, the electronic control and software team he led has grown from 200 people to nearly 1,000 people today. What we are particularly excited about is the development and innovation of the tool chain. From application development to strategy development, from underlying design to tool chain development, we formed a systematic independent development capability, and began to move towards the world-class level.

Du Hongliu

  Dr. Du Hongliu is the academic leader of the R&D center in Aachen, Germany, hired by Weichai in March 2017. After coming to Weichai, he devoted himself to R&D and led the team to carry out technological innovation of hydraulic transmission system, including development of a full range of hydraulic systems from 20 tons to 90 tons suitable for the Chinese market. After nearly five years of hard work, Weichai has the ability to participate in the global competition of hydraulic transmission systems. “I'm too excited to sleep!” Tan Xuguang said.

Li Qin

  After Dr. Li Qin came to Weichai, he found his position and led a young team to actively promote the research and development of gas engines, solved many unsolved problems, and promoted Weichai gas engines to become world-class.

Wang Lingjin

  Tan Xuguang said that after he came to Weichai in 2018, Wang Lingjin, the chief designer of the big bore engines, has devoted himself to scientific research and the company. He has never talked to me about money or position. He moved me, and I respect him from the bottom of my heart. He came to Weichai for 4 years and completed all the gaps in large-bore medium and high-speed diesel engine portfolio of Weichai.

Feng Gang

  Tan Xuguang said, veteran Feng Gang is one of my guardians for the products. He has grown from an engineer to a front-line maintenance service person, and finally into the executive president of Weichai Power today. He loves whatever product he works on. In the past, he worked along with engines for 20 years. And now he has also sorted out all the shortcomings of the hydraulic powertrain after he became responsible for the products. The work he does brought another surprise to the Chinese construction machinery industry.

  "I have a few words for young tech workers"

  Tan Xuguang said after listening to the reports of the 8 young scientific and technological workers, some chaos in the process of social development has seriously affected you. It is not easy to bear the seemingly dull research work in Weichai, and you are already doing very well. Weichai's future depends on all of you.

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