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Tan Xuguang: Focus on Production, Supply, and Success in the Peak Season of Agricultural Machinery Sales


  On the morning of April 9, 2022, Tan Xuguang went to Weichai Lovol Heavy Industry in Fangzi District, Weifang to see the production and operation situation.

  Tan Xuguang went to the tractor factory and the harvester factory to in detail learn more about the current epidemic prevention and control, production demand and supply chain security. Tan Xuguang said that the two struggles of epidemic control, and operation are carried out at the same time. This is a test for us. Winning is the only target, and it is useless to blame others. We shall not let our farmer brothers be troubled or distressed.

  After inspecting the site, Tan Xuguang held a symposium and listened in detail to the research staff's reports on the research and development of tractors, agricultural machinery, harvesters and other products. Tan Xuguang said that in order to give full play to the cluster effect of the industrial chain, make up for shortcomings and enter the high-end market, the R&D team of 1,000 people is not enough, and 1,000 more people must be added. As the agricultural machinery leaders in China, Weichai Lovol Agricultural Machinery has a duty to be at the forefront of the transformation process of China's agricultural machinery equipment from the mid-low end to the mid-high end.

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