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Weichai Baudouin's Power Generation Products Amaze the World in Dubai


  March 2022, the most influential exhibition in the field of global energy power generation - MEE Middle East Electric Power Exhibition was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Attracted global customers.


Click on the video to immerse yourself in the Weichai Baudouin booth at the Middle East Power Exhibition!

Full range of engines for power generation

Be the only one and better one

  The previous Middle East power exhibitions have gathered a large number of professional manufacturers, traders and buyers, and have facilitated trade of more than tens of billions of dollars. At the exhibition site, 4M06, 6M21, 8M21, 20M33, 12M55 gas engines and other Baudouin engines for power generation were displayed in groups, covering the power range of 20-4000kVA. The B10 lives of each platform have a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours. Even in complex environments such as high temperature, dust, and high altitude, their comprehensive performance is still outstanding, winning the favor of global customers.

High-end large-bore power

Get your surprising advantage

12M55 gas engine

  At the exhibition site, the 12M55 gas engine and the 20M33 diesel engine, as representatives of the Baudouin brand of large-bore and high-end power, have become the well-deserved "star of the moment". The 12M55 gas engine uses closed-loop control, high-energy ignition coil, precise gas control, lower gas consumption, and greatly reduces particulate matter and sulfur emissions.

20M33 diesel engine

  20M33 diesel engine cylinder block uses grid design with high strength. The engine also uses advanced high-pressure common rail fuel injection technology, high-efficiency high-pressure air intake system, high reliability and low fuel consumption, which makes it a reliable power for high-power high-speed power stations and data centers.

  Weichai has been cultivating the power generation market for decades, continuously increasing investment in research and development, promoting high-end product upgrades, improving product series, and continuously enhancing the competitiveness of the Baudouin brand in the global high-end market. Weichai uses quality to get its current position and praises.

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