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Certified by China Classification Society, Weichai WH Series Marine Engines Welcomes a New Member


  In February 2022, Weichai's new-generation WH20 micro-injection ignition gas engine successfully obtained certificate from the China Classification Society (CCS) for the China Stage II emission in Chongqing. Weichai WH series marine engines welcomed a new member in the high-end market, which could promote the strategy of "Gas Engine Application on the Yangtze River" and protect the environment.

  The micro-injection ignition technology has been successfully applied to the single gas fuel engine to meet China's stage II emission requirements. Each system of WH20 micro-injection ignition gas engine has undergone strict simulation calculation and test assessment, and the engine has been comprehensively upgraded with high efficiency, reliability, strong power, economical fuel saving, energy saving and environmental protection. These features are powerful tools for Weichai WH series marine power to replace imported products in the market.

WH20 micro-injection ignition gas engine

  The strategy of "Gas Engine Application on the Yangtze River" is an important measure to implement the concept of green development and promote the ecological protection of the Yangtze River. The "fuel-to-gas" is an important direction of "Gas Engine Application on the Yangtze River". Weichai and CSC have leveraged the synergy effect of the industrial chain to realize the perfect match between the powertrain of the micro-injection ignition gas engine and the ship, and will be applied in batches to help CSC to be greener, safer, more economical, more efficient and smarter.

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