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Tan Xuguang Dispatches the KION Smart Forklift Jinan Project and the Second Phase of CNHTC R&D Building


  On the afternoon of October 31, 2021, Tan Xuguang on-site dispatched the construction of the KION Group’s intelligent forklift Jinan project and the second phase of China National Heavy Duty Truck R&D Building.

  At the Shandong Heavy Industry Jinan (Laiwu) Green Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park, Tan Xuguang inquired in detail about the construction of the KION Jinan project, and required to ensure high-quality production before the next year, and build it into an important global intelligent forklift R&D and manufacturing center.

  At the site of the second phase of the China National Heavy Duty Truck R&D Building, Tan Xuguang required the project to advance at full speed and put it into use as soon as possible to help Weichai build a global highland of scientific and technological talents.

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