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Tan Xuguang: Launch Comprehensive Production Safety Drill with No Dead Ends


  At 7 pm on October 18, 2021, Tan Xuguang presided over a meeting of the management of Shandong Heavy Industry Group's Shandong Province-owned company, and issued a production safety inspection order to launch a production safety inspection drill at the first time that night.

  Tan Xuguang emphasized that the key to safety lies in the effective operation of the system. It is necessary to build a comprehensive, full coverage, horizontal and vertical network system. It is necessary to resolutely implement the production lead system by management at all levels, who shall take responsibilities for the issues occurred. Implement a one-vote veto for production safety, and increase the assessment of production safety with a zero tolerance attitude. Pay close attention to epidemic prevention and control, and to promote normal, refined, and procedural management of epidemic prevention and control.

  Tan Xuguang requires that all management should always put the life safety of employees first, firmly grasp production safety in their hands, and promote high-quality development with high-quality production safety.

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