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Tan Xuguang: The National-level Quality Inspection Center Built by Weichai Needs to Be World's First-class!


  At 10 am on September 21, 2021, Tan Xuguang visited the National-level Quality Inspection Center and the Global Intelligent Logistics Distribution Center under construction,and scheduled the construction progress on site. He requested to comprehensively finish the two projects before October 1 this year.

  Tan Xuguang first came to the National-level Quality Inspection Center under construction at the headquarters of Weichai Group. This is an important project for Weichai to move towards high-quality development. The standard of the project has reached world's first-class level regarding resources and inspection capability. It will provide strong basic production technology inspection support for the Company's cutting-edge technological innovation. 2 billion yuan is expected to be invested in the project, and 1 billion yuan has already been put in place.

  Afterwards, Tan Xuguang visited the Global Intelligent Logistics Distribution Center under construction, and proposed that the efficient distribution of intelligent logistics should be led by the new technology and digitalization. The Distribution Center should be able to enable the Company's 2030 strategy, and provide efficient logistics for the realization of Weichai's goal of 100 billion US dollars revenue.

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