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Tan Xuguang: Spare No Effort to Promote the Construction of Major Projects to Celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of Founding of CCP


  On June 23, 2021, Tan Xuguang visited Weichai Research Institute of Science and Technology, South Logistics Center, Quality Inspection Center, New Million-unit Digital Power Industry Base and other major projects under construction, and scheduled the construction progress and development plan. 

  Though it's hot in the midsummer, the construction is still going in full swing. Tan Xuguang dived into the construction site to learn more about the progress of decoration, greening, equipment procurement, and the function planning of major projects. When investigating the New Million-unit Digital Power Industry Base, Tan Xuguang emphasized that it is necessary to use the international first-class companies as benchmarks, fully implement industrial internet technology, and try to build a world leading intelligent “dark factory”.

  These projects under construction are not only the major support for the implementation of Weichai 2030 strategy, but also the key projects for Shandong Province to develop "top 10" industries and build a trillion-level equipment manufacturing industry cluster. Tan Xuguang said: "Large enterprises promote industries, and large projects stimulate new momentum. We need to plan high-standardly, promote high-efficiently, construct in high-level, and spare no effort to promote the construction of these major projects, put them into use as soon as possible, and present them as gifts for the centennial anniversary of founding of CCP."

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