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"Forty Years of Sharpening Makes a Mighty Sword", Tan Xuguang Wins the 2020 Shandong Top Science and Technology Award


  On the morning of April 16, 2021, the Shandong Science and Technology Innovation Conference was held in Jinan. Tan Xuguang, Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Chairman of Weichai Group, and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability, was awarded the 2020 Shandong Top Science and Technology Award. Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology Ministry, presented the award to Tan Xuguang. At the meeting, Tan Xuguang made a speech on behalf of scientific and technological workers.

  Tan Xuguang has been engaged in key technology research and industrialization of diesel engine and powertrain for a long period of time. He proposed an integrated solution for the powertrain of heavy commercial vehicles, and led teams to solve an international problem in the simultaneous improvement of power, economy and reliability, which all supported China’s heavy-duty commercial vehicles to form a global competitiveness. He led teams to develop China’s first heavy-duty high-speed diesel engine with completely independent intellectual property rights, presided over the basic forward-looking technological innovation of diesel engines, took the lead in achieving thermal efficiency of 50%, and made high-efficiency and low-carbon technology of China’s diesel engine the international leading level. He also presided over the advanced powertrain R&D and manufacturing engineering system, and removed the key constraints on the development of power industry in China’s construction machinery, agricultural equipment, new energy and other fields.

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