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Here Comes Weichai Lovol's Full Range of Products Equipped with Weichai Engines


  On April 13, the launch conference of Weichai Lovol's full range of products equipped with Weichai engines was held at Weichai Power's light-duty engine production base in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. With the strong support of Weichai, Weichai Lovol Heavy Industries is accelerating its development into a world-class agricultural equipment group.

  At the launch ceremony, a full series of products including Weichai Lovol tractors, wheat harvesters, corn harvesters, peanut pickers, etc. were released. These products are all equipped with Weichai 2L-17L high-end engines with high reliability and power, strong performance, good economy, and excellent comfort, while fully meeting the China non-road Stage IV emission standards, and providing customers with an efficient and reliable "heart" as power.


  The launch conference focused on showing the core leading products of Weichai Lovol 50-200 horsepower equipped with Weichai engines, which attracted the attention of the guests.

  Weichai WP2.3N, WP3.2, WP4.1N/WP4.6N and other types of agricultural equipment power, as well as Linde Hydraulics' high-end products also debut at the conference, fully demonstrating the capability of the entire industrial chain that is "Weichai Matrix" and helping China’s agricultural equipment to move towards the high end.

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