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Tan Xuguang: Weichai University Shall Be Built into a Cradle for Cultivating Craftsmen of a Great Nation


  At 2 pm on August 10, Tan Xuguang visited Weichai University and inspected the training base for skilled talents in large-bore engine and intelligent manufacturing. He then hosted a symposium to further clarify the functional positioning of Weichai University and its future direction of development.

  At the symposium, Tan Xuguang put forward “three requirements of four” for the development of Weichai University:

  "Four Improvements":Improve the quality of teaching and steadily cultivate a group of outstanding craftsmen talents; improve the quality of student enrollment, training level, job entry level, and competitiveness of students; improve hands-on ability, focus on training all-rounders; improve the level of teachers and revitalize the educational resources.

  "Four Supports":unified teaching support of theory and practice; international and domestic complementary support for teachers; internal and external resource support; training support for the combination of assembling and innovation.

  "Four Requirements": adapt to the requirements of the Group's 2030 strategy; adapt to the requirements of products moving towards high-end; adapt to the requirements of the Group's industrial chain of all-application products; adapt to the requirements of future intelligent manufacturing.

  Tan Xuguang said that the talent training of Weichai University must fully meet the corporate development strategy. In the future, Weichai would need a large number of high-level new craftsmen who master intelligent and digital manufacturing, andWeichai must strive to build Weichai University into a cradle for cultivating craftsmen of a great nation.

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