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Tan Xuguang: Work in Weichai and Get Happiness in Weichai


  On the afternoon of August 9, Tan Xuguang went to Weichai Jiayuanresidential area to inspect the accommodation of employees and asked the management at all levels of the Group: "Before thinking about your own business, first think about the employees. Have you done them well? The employees' business is the biggest deal."

  Tan Xuguang visited the Weichai housing project for high-end talents under construction and listened to the report of the project leader. He requested that the project process must be accelerated with high quality to create conditions for the introduction of talents this year.

  During the on-site investigation of the 3000-apartment projectfor college students under development, Tan Xuguang said that talents are the fundamental guarantee to support the rapid development of enterprises. These projects must be planned with high standards, promoted with high efficiency, and constructed with high quality to provide superior housing conditions for high-end talents. Let them live in Weichai comfortably and live at ease, and relieve their worries about doing a good job of "maximizing their efficiency to the highest".

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