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The Pilot | Tan Xuguang Meets 2020 Interns Face to Face


  At 4 pm on July 28th, Tan Xuguang hosted the Weichai Power 2020 "Pilot" Internship Program Symposium at the Jinan headquarters of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, focusing on youth growth, career planning, innovation and entrepreneurship and other topics. He met graduating interns from more than 70 large universities face to face.

  Looking at the youthful faces, Tan Xuguang was delighted and encouraged everyone to seize the opportunity, choose the right platform, and realize their dreams.

  Tan Xuguang said that Weichai is a multinational industrial equipment group, with innovative and entrepreneurial platforms all over the world and opportunities for development that are infinite. He hopes that everyone can show off on this stage and live up to their youth.

  All those who participated in this event were students from the "985" colleges and universities who would graduate next year, and the internship at Weichai would end after three weeks.

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