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Tan Xuguang: Promote Three Transformations and Four Upgrades at Weichai Power Shanghai Operation Center


  In the morning of June 16, Tan Xuguang hosted a management conference at Weichai Power Shanghai Operation Center, he summarized the major achievements of the Shanghai Operation Center in the past 15 years, analyzed the major problems, and proposed the requirements for the transformation and upgrading of Shanghai Operation Center.

  Tan Xuguang pointed out that in the past 15 years, Weichai Power Shanghai operation center has effectively realized the strategic reorganization of the Hunan Torch Group, created the Weichai model of "H to A" in the capital market, and laid solid foundation for Weichai to grow into a multinational group. He said it also effectively controlled the operational risks of the subsidiaries, and realized effective integration of culture, industry, and strategy. Meanwhile, it realized full coverage of KPI performance assessment, which played an important role in introducing market-oriented management mechanisms for the subsidiaries.

  Tan Xuguang emphasized that, with Weichai's rapid development, Shanghai operation center’s management mode must be reformed and innovated. It is necessary to transform from "control and be controlled" to "resource management and allocation", and form an shared interest community with subsidiaries in various regions. Specifically, it is necessary to realize the "three transformations": from operation management and control to strategic management and control; from traditional management to technological management; from asset management to capital management. Strengthen the "four upgrades": management capabilities should be improved in the direction of high technology; operation management should be improved in the direction of strategic unification; performance management should be upgraded from the GSP assessment to the direction of high-intensity performance; strategic management should be promoted from independent operation to the direction of efficient and coordinated development. With "three transformations" and "four upgrades", we continuously meet the growing needs of the subsidiaries, and promote the coordinated and high-quality development of the "Weichai family".

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