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Today, Tan Has Something to Say


  Today is the May 4, the Youth Day. On this special day, Tan Xuguang had an "intimate" interaction with young employees. Over ten thousands of young employees from CNHTC, Shacman, Fast Gears, Hande Axle, Zhongtong Bus, Shantui, Weichai Group and other subsidiaries across the country, live-streamed and communicated face to face with Tan Xuguang.

  The event was mainly interactive Q&A. Young employees participate in a variety of ways through bullet screen, micro videos, random questions, video connection Q&A, and games. The atmosphere was warm and the interaction was enthusiastic. Between one question and one answer, Tan’s funny words and 52 applauses were the highest respect for the passionate younger years.

  Tan Xuguang encourages the young employees that happiness comes from hard work. We must firm our ideals and beliefs, work hard step by step, and constantly create, chase and realize our dreams. Use our hard work to light up our youth dreams.

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