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Tan Xuguang Visits Subsidiaries in Xi'an: Provide High-quality Development under the Important Instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping


  On May 2, Tan Xuguang made a special trip to Weichai Power's subsidiaries in Xi'an to visit the production line and the employees who were still at their work post during the "International Labor Day". He also hosted a joint management meeting for Shacman, Fast Gears and Hande Axle to make clear requirements for the in-depth implementation of the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's visit to Shacman.

  Tan Xuguang's request to the management of Xi'an subsidiaries is that in May, June, and July, each company should be able to win the battle of striving for high-yield, high-sale, and high-quality development!

  Tan Xuguang also visited the production lines of Shacman and Hande Axle to visit the first-line employees, emphasizing that the epidemic prevention and control should be put first during the high-yield period, along with employees' lives and safety production. These three things come first.

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