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Tan Xuguang Visits Enterprises in Qingzhou, Weifang


  On the afternoon of March 18, Tan Xuguang led the team to visit Weichai Power (Qingzhou) Transmission Control Technology Co., Ltd. (Weichai Control) and Shandong Vicon Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. successively.

  At 1:30 p.m., Tan Xuguang and his team first came to Weichai Control to have a detailed understanding of its production and operations. Tan Xuguang requires Weichai Control to innovate the use mode of talent, strengthen the construction of research and development team, accelerate the upgrading and reconstruction of equipment, improve the level of informatization and automation, and enhance the core competitiveness of products. Tan Xuguang stressed that Weichai Control and Linde Hydraulics should cooperate with each other, and jointly provide high-quality hydraulic products for construction machinery, agricultural equipment and other industries. He said: "All the subsidiaries of Weichai should produce in a full capacity, and no one shall lag behind!"

  At 2:00 p.m., Tan Xuguang went to Shandong Vicon Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation and detailed understanding of the development of refitted vehicle business. Tan Xuguang said that he hoped that the two sides would deepen cooperation, seize the major opportunity of the integration and development of the automobile industry in Shandong Province, give full play to the advantages of flexible system, management and product features of Shandong Vicon Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd., and build a high-quality refitted vehicle industry base in Shandong Province.

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