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Tan Xuguang: Employees around the World Band Together to Fight against the Epidemic!


  At 20:30 on March 13, Tan Xuguang presided over the Shandong Heavy Industry Group • Weichai Power video conference for global CEOs and CFOs at the headquarters of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Jinan, Shandong. According to the serious situation of the global outbreak of COVID-19 and economic downturn, Tan Xuguang arranged the work related to epidemic prevention and control and the work related to production and operation.

  Tan Xuguang said, "As the spread of the epidemic continues to accelerate across the globe, the headquarters of the group and I pay close attention to the employees all over the world. Employees of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and Weichai Power should band together to fight against the epidemic. We will try our best to support subsidiaries overseas, spreading warmth to employees all over the world!"

  In the face of the current economic situation, Tan Xuguang said, "The difficult period tests the management teams' leadership and risk resistance capacity. We have experienced 'severe winter' for many times, but we have gone through it and accumulated great power to achieve a new round of rapid growth. We need to be proactive and efficient to ensure our safe operations."

  82 CEOs and CFOs from 28 companies of 11 countries attended the conference. KION Group in Germany, Dematic in America, Ferretti Group in Italy and Baudouin in France reported local epidemic situations and business operations.

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