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Chairman Tan Xuguang: Work with Every Effort to Support the Battle against COVID-2019


  At 10:00 a.m. on January 26, Chairman Tan Xuguang presided over an (extended) Party committee telephone conference with delegations from Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Weichai Group and CNHTC to convey the spirit of the conference of CPC Central Committee and CPC Shandong Provincial Committee on prevention and control against COVID-2019. Five requirements were further put forward:

  First, political consciousness should be strengthened that the safety and health of employees should be put first.

  Second, works on management and guidance should be enhanced with effective measures to carry out prevention and control against COVID-2019.

  Third, overall arrangements for the 50,000 employees in Shandong who would start work tomorrow should be made and specific preventive measures should be effectively implemented.

  Fourth, public opinion should be better guided to prevent the spread of panic in the Group.

  Fifth, leaders and management should most assuredly play a leading and exemplary role.

  Chairman Tan Xuguang demanded that we should not only keep steady growth and fulfill order requirements, but also ensure that no worker will appear in the work area with COVID-2019. He said the goal should be achieved at all costs.

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