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Tan Xuguang: Make Weichai the most Desirable Place for PhDs in China and the world


  In the afternoon of January 19, Weichai organized a Chinese New Year Tea Party and Thermal Management Technology Academic Salon in its PhDs Club. The PhDs gathered together to discuss technologies, collide ideas, and share experiences in their respective fields of expertise.

  PhDs are the backbone of leading the innovation and development of enterprises. In recent years, Weichai has actively created a superior innovation ecology and provided five-star all-around services, which has attracted more and more doctoral talents to join Weichai.

  Tan Xuguang said: PhDs are high-end talents in society, and they should make a difference in key areas, reflect value, and lead the innovative development of enterprises and society. We must strive to make Weichai the most desirable place for PhDs in China and the world, so that they can freely innovate, realize value and let their dreams fly on this big stage of Weichai!

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