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Weichai Power R&D and Marketing Teams Visit Lovol Heavy Industry


  At 8:30 on January 13, Tan Xuguang led Weichai Power R&D and marketing teams to visit Lovol Heavy Industry. Both parties conducted in-depth discussions on engine, CVT, Linde hydraulic application requirements, product strategy, and technical cooperation.

  Lovol Heavy Industry is an important customer of Weichai Power in the field of agricultural equipment and construction machinery and both parties have a solid foundation of cooperation and broad prospects for cooperation.

  Facing the future, both parties reached a high degree of consensus: form strong alliances, share technical resources, strengthen business collaboration and cultural exchanges, help Shandong agricultural equipment to upgrade to face the high-end, and jointly make new and greater contributions to the old and new growth driver replacement in Weifang and the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry!

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