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In the Rain, Tan Xuguang Reviews Weichai's New and Old Growth Driver Replacement Projects on Site


  At 4pm on January 5, the drizzling rain was flying in the cold wind. Tan Xuguang led his team to the Weichai Digital Industrial Park project and the new Large-bore High-end High-speed Engine Plant, and dispatched the project construction progress on site.

  The Digital Industrial Park belongs to Weichai's 2020-2030 strategy, an important support to promote the transition to digital and intelligent enterprises. Tan Xuguang proposed that the speed of factory construction should be accelerated to ensure that the project will be put into production by the end of next year.

  Right now, Weichai's new large-bore high-end high-speed engine factory is intensively installing and debugging production equipment. Tan Xuguang inspected the assembling, processing and testing workshops, and listened to the report on the construction of the new factory. He asked to go all out to create high-quality projects and make new and greater contributions to the old and new growth driver replacement in Shandong.

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