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Tan Xuguang’s First Day of 2020


  On the first day of 2020, Tan Xuguang chose to spend his busy days as usual. He used a day to lead Weichai's senior management team to participate in the marketing scheduling meeting, 2020 group strategy break-down meeting and the first quarter budget scheduling meeting, etc., to make a good start and start for high-quality development throughout the year.

Tan Xuguang commented on the completion of the Group's must-win battles in 2019 and posted smiling faces on outstanding projects.

  At the meeting, Tan Xuguang detailed the budget for the first quarter of 2020, and discussed with the senior management team to form a series of must-win battles in the new year based on the macroeconomic situation and the actual development of the company.

In order not to affect the progress of the meeting, Tan Xuguang and senior management's lunch was arranged at during the meeting.

  For Weichai people, 2020 is a crucial year for doubling growth in 2025. Standing at a new starting point and moving toward a new goal of one trillion yuan in revenue, Weichai people are struggling to run faster and faster. Only when "maximizing your efficiency to the highest" to let the day and night meet, can your ideal target and your dream come true.

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