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Dialogue with 1,000 College Students | Tan Xuguang: Fly Your Dreams and Gain Happiness in Weichai!


  In the afternoon on December 14, 2019, Tan Xuguang and 1,000 new college graduates in 2019 held a unique meeting to share their experiences and insights on Weichai’s 40-year development.

  Tan Xuguang's theme was "Grasp the baton in your hand and realize the Weichai dream". Combined with his own growth experience, he put forward high expectations for young people:

  If you have dreams, you have motivation. You have to dare to make dreams, chase them, and realize them;

  The Weichai platform is infinite, and you must cherish the platform and give full play to your talents;

  Passion makes dreams, so be numer one or be nothing at all;

  You must have the spirit of innovation and research, and be "crazy" in the professional field;

  Culture is the life of an enterprise, and the Weichai spirit must be passed down from generation to generation;

  Wealth does not fall from the sky, but comes from hard work.

  Moved by 40 years of ups and downs and 40 years of passionate pursuit of dreams, young employees were deeply infected by Tan Xuguang's hard work and spirit. Over 60 times of applause were heard.

[video:对话千名大学生 | 谭旭光:在潍柴放飞梦想,收获幸福!]


  Facing the youthful faces, Tan Xuguang was so impressed that he encouraged the young students to fly their dreams and gain happiness in Weichai!

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