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Tan Xuguang: Carry the Trust to Become the Leader in Using Manufacturing to Build a Strong Shandong Province


  At 9:30 am on December 11, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Jinan City and Shandong Heavy Industry Group aka. the contract of Shandong Heavy Industry Group (Jinan Laiwu) Green Intelligent Manufacturing City project was held in Shandong Building.

  Under the witness of provincial and municipal leaders such as Wang Shujian, Member of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Executive Deputy Governor, Wang Zhonglin, Member of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Jinan Municipal Committee, Ling Wen, Deputy Governor of Shandong Province, Deputy Secretary of Jinan Municipal Committee, and Sun Shutao, Mayor of Jinan City, Shandong Heavy Industry Group had taken another solid step in estblishing high-end equipment manufacturing and promoting the old and new growth driver replacement.

  Tan Xuguang said that SHIG has undertaken major projects for the old and new growth driver replacement in the province. We must follow the important instructions of Liu Jiayi's "Being a leader in using manufacturing to build a strong Shandong Province " to live up to the expectations of provincial Party committee, provincial government, Jinan and Laiwu people. We will promot the project according to the high standard, and make it green, intelligent and high-end.

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