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New Era, New Concept | Weichai Power and Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Create Maximum Value for Customers Together


  On the morning of November 28, the 2020 business meeting of Shaanxi Heavy Truck was held in Xi'an. At the meeting, Tan Xuguang deeply analyzed the current economic situation, industry trends, customer needs, etc., and put forward the requirement for efforts of the entire group to help Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck build a world-class heavy truck brand.

  How do we promote Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck to become world-class? Tan Xuguang shared the strategic planning and tactical method to the dealers and customers:

  Achieve the strategic vision of sales of 300,000 commercial vehicles by 2025;

  The scientific and technological innovation ability is heading for world-class;

  Introduce the most competitive new-generation gold industry chain;

  Cooperate with Weichai Power's global scientific and technological resources to promote new technological breakthroughs;

  Promote leapfrog growth in the international market.

  Customer recognition is a strong driving force for the development of the company. Tan Xuguang proposed that in the journey to world-class, Weichai Power will work with Shaanxi Heavy Industry to create maximum value for customers:

  Build a sound and efficient marketing and service network;

  Provide life-cycle value-added services;

  Coordinate the Group's R&D, marketing, and service resources to enhance customer satisfaction.

  Tan Xuguang said: In the new era, with the new concept, we must stand on the Weichai Power platform to provide the highest quality resources for Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, and work with our dealers to win the future with customers.

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