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Tan Xuguang Visits Weichai Binhai Industrial Park to Schedule the Progress of Major Equipment Projects for Growth Driver Replacement


  At 3 pm on November 9, Tan Xuguang led a team to the Weichai Binhai Industrial Park to review the investment and construction of the large-bore engine project and hosted a meeting.

  The large-bore engine project under development is one of the key projects for Weichai to accelerate the growth driver replacement and to implement the “move towards high-end” strategy. Tan Xuguang proposed that it is necessary to speed up the progress and ensure that the project will be put into operation at the end of the year.

  At the meeting, Tan Xuguang listened to reports from engineers on the progress of large-bore engine development, demanding that new product development should fully benchmark the international first-class level, create jigh-quality product, and quickly occupy the technical dominant position of the industry.

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