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Faith and Dream: Tan Xuguang's Greatest Motivation


  On November 3, the 3rd China Enterprise Reform and Development Forum officially opened, attracting more than 1,400 entrepreneur representatives, experts and scholars from Chinese government state-owned enterprises, local government state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. Tan Xuguang, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, was invited to participate in the main forum and give a keynote speech.

  On how to achieve the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises through focusing on the main business, Tan Xuguang attributed his more than 20 years of experience in managing enterprises to “three must do”, “three do not do” and “three strive to create first-class”, namely: unswervingly promote market-oriented reforms, unswervingly “going overseas”, unswervingly achieving high-quality development; never get into non-main business, never get into low value-added business, and never get into repetitive scale expansion; strive to be the first in products and technology , human resources, and cultural soft power.

  "State-owned enterprise platform + market mechanism + international vision" are the successful experience of Weichai; "Institutional transparency + effective supervision + fairness operation + same requirement from top to down + culture led" are Tan Xuguang's way of managing enterprises; "Belief + dream" are the strong engine power inside of Tan Xuguang's blood running fast.

  At the forum, Tan Xuguang said with deep affection: The people of Weifang raised us, the people of Shandong made me, and Shandong gave me an infinite platform. My dream is to surpass the best opponents in the world and be a century-old brand. I hope that when I’m 85, we will see Weichai become a world-class enterprise. This is the determination I will never regret.

  In the afternoon, in the parallel forum with the theme of “focusing on the main business and striving to be the main force for high-quality development”, Tan Xuguang and well-known scholars and entrepreneurs re-examined in-depth discussions on topics such as state-owned enterprise reform and high-quality development.

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