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Tan Xuguang Wins the Honorary Title of "The Most Beautiful Fighter"


  On the morning of Sep. 25, the "The Most Beautiful Fighter" commendation meeting was held in the Great Hall of the People. Tan Xuguang, Party Secretary and Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Party Secretary and Chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and Chairman of Weichai Group, won the honorary title of "The Most Beautiful Fighter ".

  Winning the honorary title of “The most Beautiful Fighter” shows the affirmation for Tan Xuguang’s 20 years of dramatic reform, and creating "Weichai model" for the reform of state-owned enterprises. It is also the affirmation for his focusing on the main business, and leading Chinese manufacturing industry stride towards high-end, as well as the affirmation for his cultivation on “Belt and Road” and making Weichai brand famous.

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