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Tan Xuguang: Provide Five-star "Nanny" Service for the Doctoral Team


  At 9 o'clock on the morning of Sep. 3, Chairman Tan Xuguang hosted a seminar for all Weichai PhDs. Twenty PhDs communicated with Tan Xuguang face-to-face on Weichai’s technology innovation system, innovation ecological construction and opinion on front-edge projects.

  Tan Xuguang listened carefully to the reports and answered them one by one. He sincerely expressed that he wanted to build the world's best innovation ecology and provide five-star "nanny" service for the PhDs.

  The doctoral team is the backbone of enterprise innovation. Tan Xuguang put forward his earnest hopes: be insistent and concentrated, innovate with an open mind, bravely break the closed ecology, provide wisdom for the implementation of Weichai 2020-2030 technology innovation strategy, and make great contribution to Weichai!

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