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What is State-owned Entrepreneurship? Tan Xuguang Says


  On Aug.30, Party Building and Reform Conference for Shandong State-owned Enterprises was held in Weichai. Ling Wen, deputy governor of Shandong Province and government party member, member of the leading group for deepening the reform of state-owned enterprise in Shandong Province, and related persons in charge of provincial enterprises and some affiliated enterprises attended the meeting.

  Ling Wen led the team to visit Weichai industrial park and Weichai new and old driver replacement project. He affirmed Weichai’s achievements in the reform and innovation development and in the new and old driver replacement.

  At the conference, Tan Xuguang introduced Weichai’s reform and innovation methodology, and shared his opinion on entrepreneurship, combining with his 27 years of experience as a enterprise principal.

  Tan Xuguang expressed that: to become an excellent state-owned entrepreneur, you have to be clean-handed, be good at cooperating with others, and form a charming personality in the team. You also need to focus on the product, be crazy to persue the ultimate, never give up, constantly seek for change, set an example, and gather all the strength to overcome all difficulties.

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