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Tan Xuguang Mobilizes Weichai Marketing Squad: Sprint for the Volume of a Million Units!


At 2 pm on July 14, Weichai Group held the “Sprint for the Volume of a Million Units” sales mobilization meeting. Tan Xuguang pointed out that Weichai is the mainstay of Shandong Heavy Industry Group. It must achieve “six firsts” in the transformation of new and old growth drivers in Shandong Province, namely, first in political position, product level, science and technology, high-end talent, scientific research ecology and the team building, which set off a new round of high-quality development.

Tan Xuguang pointed out that it is necessary to further strengthen the construction of the "four-in-one" technology innovation system, effectively coordinate and make full use of the Group's resources, constantly improve product optimization and upgrading, and promote products to a world-class level.


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