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Milestone | " White Paper on China's Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry" Released in Weichai


At 15:30 on June 26, the China Hydrogen Energy Alliance released the White Paper on China's Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry in Weichai Group at Weifang, Shandong. Xu Guanhua, former minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ling Wen, Deputy Governor of Shandong Province, Gan Yong, former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and nearly 500 people including representatives of the China Hydrogen Energy Alliance and media reporters participated in the launching activities.

As a high-quality research result in the development strategy of domestic hydrogen energy industry, the white paper systematically studies the positioning of hydrogen energy in the construction of modern energy system in China, comprehensively demonstrates the development status and trend of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry chain, and proposes medium and long-term development goals and initiatives for hydrogen and fuel cells in China.

In his speech, Tan Xuguang said that the transition from traditional energy to new energy is the trend of the times. Weichai has established the strategic goal of leading the global industry development of new energy business by 2030, and invested in the construction of new energy industry base and new energy technology innovation center. Weichai also takes the lead in undertaking the major specialization of hydrogen fuel cell industrialization from the Ministry of Science and Technology, and integrates high-quality resources to create a “Shandong model” for hydrogen energy development.

Facing the future, Weichai will work with all walks of life to promote the development of hydrogen energy, and contribute to reducing environmental pollution and energy consumption and winning the blue sky defense war.




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