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2019 CIMAC Conference | Weichai Highlights China's Strength


Recently, the 2019 29th CIMAC was held in Vancouver, Canada. The theme of this conference focuses on intelligent power systems, shipping 4.0 and future engine technologies. Weichai has brought a variety of engines to showcase the innovative strength and achievements of China Power to its global counterparts. 

CIMAC was established in France in 1951. It has 26 member countries with relatively developed internal combustion engine industry and is an authoritative international industry organization in the international internal combustion engine industry.

The spring board meeting and the council meeting of the 2019 International Internal Combustion Engine Society were held concurrently with the conference. As a Chinese company in the CIMAC Council, Weichai participated in the CIMAC Council and exercised voting rights on CIMAC's major decision-making matters.





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