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Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou: Full support for Weichai’s Development in Japan


At 4 pm on June 14, Tan Xuguang went to the Chinese Embassy in Japan to meet with Chinese Ambassador Kong Xuanyou. Kong Xuyanyou met with Tan Xuguang and Weichai team.

Tan Xuguang reported to Kong Yuyou on the high-quality development of Weichai Group and highlighted the planning and construction of Weichai Power (Tokyo) Science and Technology Innovation Center. 

Kong Xuanyou fully affirmed the open international innovation cooperation win-win model of Weichai Power (Tokyo) Science and Technology Innovation Center, and said that Shandong enterprises have special advantages in Japan and will fully support Weichai’s development in Japan.

At 9:00 am on June 15, Tan Xuguang hosted a global video conference at the Weichai Power (Tokyo) Science and Technology Innovation Center to dispatch the Group's light commercial vehicle business in Jinan, listen to the special report, and deployed the next key tasks. 

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