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Not Afraid of High Temperature and Sandy Weather, Weichai Power Gen-sets Masters the Middle East Market


Middle East market is a key market for Weichai. In recent years, Weichai’s power generation business has achieved a major breakthrough in the local area, especially in the Saudi Arabian market. The sales volume of Weichai power generation products in 2018 has increased by 260% year-on-year. In 2019, the market demand continued to be high.

Weichai Power helps build the “Belt and Road” project

Weichai gen-set serving Middle Eastern customers

In recent years, by continuously increasing R&D investment, Weichai’s power generation products have covered the power range of 20-4000kVA. At present, Weichai has established stable cooperation with many well-known global generator manufacturers and is highly competitive in the Middle East market.

Weichai Saudi Arabian Office launches “Service Month” event

Weichai generator set runs continuously for 1,500 hours without trouble, winning praises from the equipment maintenance staff

Many countries in the Middle East are located in the desert area. With the dry and hot weather, sand and stone are the most common things. The quality and performance requirements of power generation equipment are very demanding. Weichai power generation products’ reliable and durable performance and the high temperature/sand-resistant design can easily withstand the harsh environments and have won the trust of customers. Today, in the Middle East power generation market, Weichai has become the “spokesperson” of Chinese brands. 


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