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“Enterprise upon the Cloud” | Weichai Power Sets a New Benchmark


  Recently, Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province released the list of “Enterprise upon the Cloud”, excellent experience centers and excellent industrial cloud platforms in 2018. Relying on its strong IT capability, Weichai was listed among the benchmarks of “Enterprise upon the Cloud”. 

  “Enterprise upon the Cloud” refers to enterprises obtain services provided by cloud service supplier, such as calculation, storage, software, data, etc. through high-speed internet. By constructing the cloud platform, Weichai has built a closed valuable information loop and accumulated a large amount of useful data, which provides great support for its operation and decision-making.

Relying on the "cloud" technology, Weichai has built a mature intelligent manufacturing system.

  In recent years, as the leader of China's equipment manufacturing industry, Weichai has been walking along the forefront of the intelligent manufacturing and IT field. In the future, Weichai will vigorously integrate big data, cloud calculation, and artificial intelligence with its operation, build a digital intelligent enterprise and achieve high-quality development.



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