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2018 Shandong Week in Hong Kong/ Tan Xuguang: Be the First to Create World-class High-end Equipment Manufacturing Group


During 2018 Shandong Week in Hong Kong, talkfest “deepening the mutual-benefit cooperation between Shandong and Hong Kong, helping the reformation and development of state-owned enterprises”, Tan Xuguang, as the representative of Shandong enterprises, made a speech and negotiated the cooperation and development with Hong Kong enterprises.

Over the past 14 years of being listed in Hong Kong, Weichai Power has obtained attention, recognition and support from all walks of life in Hong Kong and realized the high speed and health development. In recent years, Shandong Provincial Government and Party Committee have vigorously promoted a series of reform, and created good environment for entrepreneurs for innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, SHIG also enters a new stage of high quality development.

Tan Xuguang said in his speech that:

Under the support of Shandong Provincial Government and Party Committee, we have new passion and ecology of entrepreneurship. We want to do things, dare to do things and do things without too much worries. We will strive to take the lead in building a world-class high-end equipment manufacturing group and vigorously promote the industrial cooperation. Welcome to invest in Shandong. Let us jointly make new and greater contributions to Shandong's economic development in the new entrepreneurial ecology.




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