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Tan Xuguang Wins “Liu Yuanzhang Quality Technology Contribution Award”


On Nov. 29, 2018, in the closing meeting of the 40th Anniversary of National QCC Activities and CAQ Annual Meeting 2018, the list for CAQ Quality Technology Awards 2018 was released. Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai Power Co., Ltd., won “Liu Yuanzhang Quality Technology Contribution Award” and made a keynote speech “Practical Road for High Quality Development of Weichai”. Jia Fuxing, CAQ president, awarded a trophy to Tan Xuguang. This is another important honor won by Weichai in quality field after winning the 3rd China Quality Award.

  CAQ Quality Technology Awards are the scientific technology awards in domestic quality technology field approved by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and National Office for Science & Technology Awards, and are the top awards in quality technology field in China. The awards are aimed at selecting the excellent quality technology applications, innovation results and optimal practice and commending the teams and individuals which/who make great contributions in quality technical field to promote the improvement of quality technology in China.

The “Liu Yuanzhang Quality Technology Contribution Award” belongs to individual award for commemorating the excellent contributions made by academician Liu Yuanzhang, initiator and founder in the overall quality management field in the development of quality cause in China and for exciting the ambitious people to engage in the quality cause.

Such honor cannot be won without the persistent and careful pursuit of quality by Weichai Power led by Tan Xuguang. 20 years ago, in 1998, Tan Xuguang took his post. In the most depressed period of enterprise development, Tan Xuguang held the “quality hammer” to smash 100 waste and nonconforming engines, which aroused the product awareness of every Weichai person and unveiled the curtain of establishment of Weichai by high quality.

The high quality originates from listening to the market. Weichai not only vigorously rectified the product quality, but also appointed the service teams to visit the dealers, supporting plants and terminal clients to listen to their opinions in the front line. Over the past 20 years, Weichai went deep into the market and really met the demands of Chinese customers, and create such demands into the core competitive advantages of its products-high reliability and long endurance. Based on the differential positioning of “high reliability and long endurance”, Weichai Power has focused on the reliability of internal-combustion engine, relied on the national key laboratory for reliability of Weichai internal-combustion engines, overcomes the key technologies in this industry and solidifies the root of internal-combustion engine industry in China. Nowadays, Weichai engines cover the whole field and whole series with the displacement from 2L to 579L and power from 22kW to 10,000kW. Its ownership in Chinese market is 5 million sets. Over many years of innovation and accumulation, main power products of Weichai have MTBF more than 250,000km and lead the development trend of heavy truck engines in China. The high-end diesel engine independently researched, developed and manufactured by Weichai has the service life of 1,800,000km/30,000h which is the longest service life of high speed heavy engines in the world.

Tan Xuguang said in his speech that “the technology innovation is the first power of high quality development, the intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable requirement of high quality development and all-staff participation is an important guarantee of high quality development”.

To realize the high quality development of products made in China, we should persist in marching on the development road with independent innovation. In recent years, no matter how the economic situation changes, Weichai always invests large amount in R&D. Over the past 10 years, only the investment in R&D of engines was more than 15 billion, built the first class engine R&D and manufacture base and has a national key laboratory with reliability as the research direction. Weichai established the frontier innovation centers in Chicago, Aachen and Tokyo to keep its technology always in the frontier of the world.

The quality improvement needs participation of all staff. Weichai invests 10 million special funds to reward the front-line employees every year and improved and built 36 model worker and craftsman innovation studios to fully give play to the grassroots strength of “Weichai Craftsman”, and creates the atmosphere of all staff participation in quality improvement through mobilizing the enthusiasm of all staff. Every year, there are more than 66,000 all staff improvement projects and more than 60 major improvement projects named by employees.

Focusing on both product and quality, Weichai grasped the growth period of market in China, introduced the excellent quality management mode into the mass and diversified manufacturing process, and formed the WOS quality management mode with characteristics and advantages of Weichai through continuously learning, digesting and absorbing international advanced experience and on the basis of independent integration and innovation. This mode keeps a foothold in the “big quality” concept in the full process of enterprise operation, enhances the tenet of customer satisfaction, integrates the strategy, indicator, value chain, system process, performance evaluation and improvement guided by ten operation principles, forms a quality management system led by quality management and uniformed and connected among sales, R&D, manufacture and management quality and can rapidly respond and meet the mass and individualized demands of customers. Such quality management mode won the third “China Quality Award” by the result of manufacturing organization.

Over the past 20 years, persisting in developing enterprise with science and technology and building enterprise with high quality, Weichai has carefully cultivated on the quality road and kept high quality development. The expected business income in 2018 will be 250 billion yuan which creates the annual average 37% compound growth rate and injects “the highest power” in equipment manufacturing industry in China. Duan Yonggang, vice-president and secretary-general of CAQ held that the quality management mode of Weichai merges the global advanced quality management concepts and helps Weichai to become a 100 billion-level enterprise and a benchmark of the industry. 


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