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Shacman | Tan Xuguang: We are Full of Confidence and Expectation


On Nov. 27, Shacman held a management, distribution and service network conference to commend outstanding partners. Tan Xuguang made an important speech, he not only shared Shacman’s achievements in the past decade, but his understanding of “the dialectical relationship between cooperation and competition”, as well as a clear strategy for Shacman moving toward world’s first class.

It takes 10 years to become the front runner in the Chinese heavy-duty truck industry.

With sales volume increased by 12 times, market share increased by 10%, revenue increased by 14 times, and profit increased by 11 times, Shacman has made a great achievement since Weichai’s entering in 2005.

In the past 13 years, we have established a management team with consistent strategy, close cooperation and mutual trust, a highly market-oriented system and mechanism, and built a powertrain and a full range of vehicles with core competitiveness, and cultivated an invincible marketing team and partner.

Tan Xuguang : " What’s the dialectical relationship between cooperation and competition"?

Under decades of development, the most remarkable achievement of Chinese automobile industry is that the independent brand has realized a market share of 99%, and absolutely dominates the industry.

Tan Xuguang pointed out that win-win cooperation among Chinese commercial vehicle companies made Chinese brand popular. Competition is the rule of market. Where there is competition, there’s progress.

Shacman moves towards the world class.


In the future, Weichai will take the power of the whole group to help Shacman to achieve the first-class level: upgrade the level of internationalization, accelerate the new generation heavy-duty trucks with core competitiveness to the market, and continuously increase investment in intelligent manufacturing, vehicle networking and intelligent driving. Help Shacman to seize new energy market with three core technology of new energy.

Tan Xuguang expressed that no matter how the market changes, we are always full of confidence and expectation for the future of Shacman.


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