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Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary and Governor of Shandong Province, Visits Weichai Overseas Companies


Recently, accompanied by Chairman Tan Xuguang, Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary and Governor of Shandong Province, visited Weichai overseas companies. He fully affirmed Weichai’s achievement in internationalization, and encouraged Weichai to innovate continuously, and become bigger, stronger, and better.

In Italy, Gong Zheng visited La Spezia shipyard of Ferretti, and Tan Xuguang made a report of project strategy of SHIG in Europe.

Gong Zheng encouraged Weichai to make good use of three effective weapons: technology innovation, brand strategy, and sales network, to continuously walk on the path of culture integration and management integration, promote concept innovation, mechanism innovation and method innovation, and make the company bigger, stronger and better.

In Germany, accompanied by Tan Xuguang, Gong Zheng and other team members paid a visit to KION-Linde forklift exhibition hall, new plant of Linde Hydraulics, Weichai Power (Germany) Innovation Center, and Dematic Innovation Center.

This is the 7th anniversary of cooperation between Weichai and Linde. Gong Zheng attended the celebration ceremony, and said that the two sides are good examples of Sino-German cooperation.

During the visit, accompanied by Tan Xuguang, Gong Zheng visited the Chinese staffs of Weichai who are being trained in Germany. 


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