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On October 30, 2018, “2018 launch event for top hundred international component manufacturing enterprise and top hundred domestic parts manufacturing enterprises” was held in Beijing. Weichai ranked the first in “2018 top hundred domestic auto parts manufacturing enterprise and ranked the fifth in “2018 top hundred China international auto parts manufacturing enterprises”.

According to the list, Weichai is the only one enterprise ranking top ten in 2018 China international auto parts manufacturing enterprises.

According to information, the lunch event is hosted by China Automotive News and is supported by Roland Berger think tank. The assessment basis is the operation revenue of auto part manufacturing enterprises in 2017 and has eliminated the subjective factors in general industrial evaluation.

Weichai insists on the innovation-driven mode all the time to accelerate the implementation of high-end strategy and strive to build the gold Weichai brand in global market so as to manifest the impact of China power on international stage.

2018 top hundred international auto parts manufacturing enterprise (Top 10)

2018 top hundred domestic auto parts manufacturing enterprise (Top 15)

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