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Weichai Helps Build "Large Artery" of East African Railway


Following the pace of the national “Belt and Road” Initiative, a great number of Chinese-backed construction projects have settled in Africa. When it comes to Chinese projects for the aid purposes, it is imperative to mention the 495-kilometer-long Mombasa–Nairobi railway that was recently opened to traffic. Located in Kenya, the railway is the first electrified railway in East Africa, and its design, infrastructure construction, and operations were all undertaken by Chinese companies. Among the 1,500 vehicles and construction machines that these Chinese companies brought from China, more than three-fourths of them are equipped with Weichai engines. Weichai contributed to the smooth opening of the Mombasa–Nairobi railway.

After the Mombasa–Nairobi Railway was successfully open to the traffic, the Nairobi-Malaba railway that recently started construction has also purchased a large number of machines and vehicles equipped with Weichai engines. The trust of customers is mainly attributed to the excellent performance of Weichai engines as well as timely and efficient after-sales service.

On the afternoon of September 5, 2017, Weichai received a repair call from a customer. A generator unit failed to work and affected the power supply in the campsite. Sun Shaojie, a service manager who is well versed in generator unit maintenance, set out overnight and arrived at the camp after five hours’ drive, including crossing the vast African savanna. Though the campsite was completely dark, Sun Shaojie immediately threw himself into the repair work as soon as he got there. He quickly found the failure point: local maintenance engineers used speed sensor that was not part of the original equipment. After a long period of operation, the speed sensor failed, causing the actuator to stop working and then the engine not to start.

After Sun Shaojie installed a brand-new original sensor on the machine, the whole campsitewas brightly lit at once and the onlookers gave enthusiastic applause.

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