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Sweeper YZT5169TSL type




  • "Golden Dove" brand YZT5169TSL type sweeper speed, high efficiency, high-performance large capacity. Technical performance and quality have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, suitable for long distance all-weather road cleaning assault and rescue operations. Vehicle styling and body structure design is reasonable, durable, beautiful, well-proportioned, smooth lines, noise and exhaust emissions in line with national standards.


  Main features

  •Gdansk selection Denmark Noddy fan, long life, high efficiency, low noise, blade has good self-cleaning capability.

  •Deputy engine with automatic clutch air control technology, easy to operate and has overload protection.

  •Domestic original, has a national patent sidescan working device plus roll sweep, sweeping, high efficiency, low failure rate.

  •Brush touchdown automatic pressure adjustment, scan disk speed Three adjustable, with a crash, avoidance function.

  •Internal air suction spray nozzle with pressure dust effect.

  •Electric hydraulic pump and hydraulic system adopts double-pump parallel design to ensure auxiliary emergency treatment failure.

  •Pneumatic system with the introduction of technology to produce AIRTAC triplets and valves, the system is stable and reliable.

  •Centralized valve, valve, hydraulic valve control box for the domestic like product unique.


  The main technical parameters:

  Models YZT5169TSL

  Chassis Type DFL1160BX4

  Emission standards State IV

  Engine Model ISDe210 40

  Engine rated power Kw 155

  Deputy Engine Power Kw 93

  Maximum cleaning width m 2.4

  Sweeping speed Km / h 5~15

  Max suction diameter mm 120

  Cleaning efficiency% 95

  Trash volume m3 8

  Water tank volume m3 3.6


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R & D

20000 +
Global R & D personnel
R & D institutions in five countries, ten regions


  • 5,000,000 units
  • 22-10000Ps
  • 200 million kilowatts
  • Application for all markets