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YZT5162TXS sweep car wash



  • "Golden Dove" brand YZT5161TXS type washing and sweeping cars is our newly developed set of cleaning, sweeping the road as one cleaning special vehicles, integrating existing road sweepers and cleaning the merits of the car to achieve a daily job is not dust, road surface water, dust swept light pollution can adapt to different road cleaning requirements, to meet user demand for differentiated work, widely used in sanitation, road maintenance and other departments of the cleaning operation.


  Main features

  •With high pressure cleaning and sweeping function, along with scrub road capabilities, with "heretical cleansing", "right-wash", "square cleansing" three kinds of operation modes, fully meet all sections of the cleaning (sweeping) and differential operational requirements .

  •Operation process will not be traveling velocity of the host vehicle, the operator can be adjusted according to the road sub-pollution engine speed, the operation to achieve the best. Driven directly by the engine fan deputy, high pressure water pump pulley driven by the fan drive gear, compact, power matching and reasonable.

  •Solution tank and recovery tank volume ratio is well organized, a continuous operation time of up to two and a half hours or more, while in the job can be performed during the discharge of sewage, ready to add water to continue.

  •Right arm has a self-cleaning function of obstacle avoidance, and the road along the collision does not produce structural damage.

  •Selection of imported high pressure pump and sweeper with high pressure centrifugal fan, a special suction, roller and spray around with a certain angle with the tube, so that the road does not leave dust, water, road cleaning, brushing and wastewater recycling effect.

  •All water system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system control operations were in the cab, fully embodies the human design.

  •The car comes with low pressure sprinkler systems and electric water pump for washing sand more pavement. Electric water pump is mainly brush and side scan work on the wet pavement from the role, to prevent dusting.


  The main technical parameters:

  Models YZT5161TXS

  Chassis Type DFL1160BX5

  Emission standards State IV

  Engine rated power Kw ISDe210 40/155

  Deputy Engine Power Kw 118/93

  Sweeping water pressure Mpa 10

  Sweeping Width m 2.2-3.5

  Sweeping Speed Km / h


  Wastewater Recovery% ≥90

  Cleaning efficiency% ≥90

  Water tank volume m3 9

  Trash volume of sewage 6


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