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Air filter element

  As a key component to ensure the normal operation of the engine, air filter element is responsible for filtering the air into the engine and preventing dust and debris from entering the engine. The nature of work makes it a consumable, with many sets used every year. However, there is a great variety of the common parts in the market, with many inferior products. Once used, the engine is easily damaged and it will be a huge cost.

Features of quality air filter element

  Quality filter paper imported from abroad is used. The filter paper has high filtration efficiency, low circulation resistance, long service life and uniform corrugated gap in the filter layer, so as to ensure large filtration area of the product

  High quality seal ring is used. The seal ring is resistant to air aging, with stable pressure change and resilience performance, so as to ensure the air-tightness of the product, prevent filter element bypass, and prevent dust from entering the engine 

Hazards of ordinary air filter element

  Ordinary or inferior filter paper is used. The filter paper has low filtration efficiency, and high circulation resistance. Thus, harmful particles in the air can enter the engine, causing premature wear, and reducing engine performance and service life

  Inferior seal ring is used. In the process of use, the seal ring is cracked and inelastic, which leads to filter element bypass and dust entering the engine, causing premature wear, and reducing engine performance and service life

  There is a gap between the size of the filter element and the shell of the air filter element, which leads to direct filter element bypass and unfiltered air

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