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Hydraulic pump

  The hydraulic pump provides the power needed for the steering system, and its internal safety valve ensures the safety of the steering system. Hydraulic pump and steering gear constitute the power steering gear system, driving the automobile steering wheel to realize the automobile steering function.

Key technical indexes of hydraulic pump

  Displacement: ml/r, refers to the flow rate output by the internal constant flow paddle pump for each turn of the steering pump

  Controlled flow: L/min, refers to the flow rate output to the steering gear by the steering pump per minute 

  Maximum pressure: MPa, refers to the pressure when the safety valve is opened, which is the safety protection pressure of the steering system

Precautions for use of steering pump

  Oil temperature: The steering pump can work in the range of -40-120℃, but prolonged exposure to high temperatures reduces the life of the steering system. It is recommended that cooling measures be added to the outlet line of the steering pump

  System cleanliness: Steering gear and steering pump are precision hydraulic components. The cleanliness of the system and oil directly affects the service life of the steering system

  Time for limit position of wheel: The dead time of the steering wheel shall not exceed 10s. In special situations, drivers should turn the steering wheel to the limit position for nearly 10s, turn the steering wheel a little back, and then turn the steering wheel to the limit position

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