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WP7H series bus engine

Product parameters

Mode Displacement
Number of valves per cylinder Rated power/speed
Maximum torque/speed
Min. fuel consumption on external characteristic curve
Technical route Application
WP7H220E62 6.8 4 162/2100 950/1100-1600 ≤190 CR+DOC+DPF+Hi-SCR 10.5-12m city bus
9-10.5m coach
WP7H245E62 6.8 4 180/2100 1000/1100-1700 ≤190
10.5-12m city bus
9-10.5m coach
WP7H270E62 6.8 4 199/2100 1100/1100-1700 ≤190 CR+DOC+DPF+Hi-SCR 10.5-12m city bus
9-10.5m coach

Product advantages

low fuel consumption

  • Separate design of intake and exhaust to improve charging efficiency, optimize combustion, and improve economy, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 2L lower than competing products.
  • Lightweight Design

  • Modular design,integrated oil cooler module.
  • Application of new material parts, cast aluminum flywheel housing, etc.
  • Excellent NVH performance

  • Shear gear train application, idle noise 77 dB(A), high torque point noise 91 dB(A).
  • Powerful

  • The torque is increased to 1300N•m, and the liter torque reaches 191.2N•m/L.
  • Appearance upgrade

  • Family design, the number of parts is further reduced, the layout of the engine is simple, the fuel tube and wiring harness are smoother and more beautiful.
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    R & D

    20000 +
    Global R & D personnel
    R & D institutions in five countries, ten regions


    • 5,000,000 units
    • 22-10000Ps
    • 200 million kilowatts
    • Application for all markets