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WP13 series engine for construction machinery


Product portfolio

Model Displacement
Number of valves per cylinde Rated power/speed
Maximum torque/speed
Technical route Applicable model
WP13G400E342 12.54
294/2100 2100/1300-1500 CR 10T loaders
WP13G440E342 12.54
324/2100 2300/1300-1500 CR 11T loaders
WP13G480E310 12.54
353/2100 2100/1200-1600 CR 60T wide-body dumpers
WP13G530E310 12.54
390/2100 2300/1200-1600 CR 60T wide-body dumpers
WP13.530E501 12.54 4 390/1900 2500/1000-1400 CR+SCR 220T truck cranes
WP13.550E62 12.54 4 404/1900 2500/1000-1400 CR+DOC+DPF+Hi-SCR 180-220T truck cranes

Product advantages

  • A variety of optional PTOs are available and maximum torque is 1,000Nm. Flange output: 1:1/1:1.16/1:1.46; SAE internal spline output: 9 teeth/11 teeth/13 teeth
  • Intake heating function satisfies the requirements for starting up at -35°C.
  • The front wheel system is tensioned automatically, the service life of the belt is 10,000h, and the 210/272/410mm high fan drive is optional.
  • The frame type main bearing structure and strong engine block design ensure the reliability of diesel engine.
  • The diesel engine and its accessories are arranged succinctly, and one cylinder head is provided for one cylinder, ensuring the convenience of maintenance.
  • The engine satisfies the plateau power performance requirements when running at more than 4,000m above sea level.
  • Reliable

  • High reliability design guarantees the service life of 30,000h.
  • Environmental adaptability

  • Temperature -35℃~50℃ ,altitude below 4000m.
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    R & D

    20000 +
    Global R & D personnel
    R & D institutions in five countries, ten regions


    • 5,000,000 units
    • 22-10000Ps
    • 200 million kilowatts
    • Application for all markets